Eating less crying more


My 2 years old Nephew is crying all the time. Everyone is wondering why this child is crying so much.

They get him checked at doctor too but doctor saying he is absolutely fit. So no medical problem he is having.

He eats too less and the day he cries rarely eats.



Chant WALNUT 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to the child.


OM LAM NAMAHA:  to stop crying

WALNUT: to help the child eat solids who was breast-fed (transition problem)

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Adjust to difficulty


My son is 9th he is not studying well. No interest in studies but he is very intelligent.


Chant “ADJUST, SLOW CARE” over a glass of water and give him


Handle unpleasant/ difficult situations well: ADJUST

For doing well in studies: SLOW CARE

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My baby is sick. She has had a bad flu for the last 3 weeks, coughing, sneezing and very bad runny nose.

Has had a temp a few times also reaching 40 degrees. We have had to rush her off to the clinic twice this week. She doesn’t eat or sleep properly.

Are there any mantras I can do for her so her flu goes?



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Remove the plasters inside the mind


Today, my 6-year old daughter fell in school and got small crack in her right hand. The doctor put plaster to her hand. At first she was alright. After 1-2 hour, she started telling us to cut the plaster and was saying, “I don’t want fracture. It’s hot inside”.

I tried a lot to comfort her. We both parents felt so bad.

Pls help me what can I do for her speedy recovery. Also, for her uneasy feeling for her plaster. Plaster will remain for at least 3 weeks.

R Mohan

Based on the technique I learnt from Naran yesterday, affirm:

“I release the part in me that makes her feel unhappy”.
“I am open and align with the part in me that brings in her speedy recovery”

You can change the affirmation to suit your situation.

M (after 4 days)

My daughter is quite happy, relaxed and comfortable now and much, much better than before. Thank you….

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Daughter is bed-wetting


My daughter aged 6 years. She is still bed-wetting when she sleeps. She is becoming conscious of that problem now but unable to find a solution.


Give her daily, two doses of AGRIMONY, MIMULUS and CRAB APPLE. In the night, give her WHITE CHESTNUT and RESCUE REMEDY, before going to sleep.

Chant “OM LAM NAMAHA” placing your hand on her naval.


Anything that is suppressed mentally (AGRIMONY) may come out as bed-wetting during night. CRAB APPLE assists AGRIMONY.

There is specific fear of bed-wetting, for which MIMULUS is suggested.

WHITE CHESTNUT for night bed-wetting.

RESCUE REMEDY to have control over bed-wetting.

He is very aggressive


My nephew (19 yrs old) is very aggressive. He does not take interest in studies or any work. Beats his younger brother whenever he is angry, cannot control his anger. He is not responsible at all. Other family members are really very disturbed with all this. I live abroad. Can I help them by chanting some mantra from a distance?


Bach Flower Remedy Vine

A Vine child will not obey. He gets angry and become physically violent.

For example, a parent say, “My son’s behavior is becoming aggressive. Whatever he wants we have to get him. Otherwise we cannot tolerate his fury. If we refuse to buy anything he starts pulling the clothes tearing his books and beats his younger brother”.

Give him CHICORY, CHERRY PLUM and VINE – each three doses, daily for one month. The reason for giving remedies: Chicory for demanding, Cherry Plum for uncontrolled behavior and Vine for beating the younger brother

Buy Lum symbol from the centre.

See picture and chant, “Om Lum Namaha”

Placing the picture on the table in front of a distracted child will help the child concentrate.  The square shape in the picture will give one-pointed concentration.

It is useful for grounding.  Will encourage wayward teenagers gain responsibility and return home.

Placing a glass of water on the picture for 30 minutes and then giving it to the child will overcome temper tantrums. It is useful for controlling aggressive behaviour, especially for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and children who are impatient and irritable in nature.

The Mother’s Flower Red Balsam

If anybody is unfair, aggressive, ill-tempered or spiteful, paste this picture on the name of the person (write the name in a piece of paper and paste the picture over it). Or visualize the flower in their heart centre.

Thus, you can project the flowers on others the moment you think about them as they represent divine in this world.

Follow the good CROWD behavior


My problem is that my child is in teenage and out of my control. I want to be her on the right path so that bad company cannot harm her.  She doesn’t listen to me and my husband.



Make children study

It is a common complaint that children don’t study.

Thinking about them, light a blue candle in the North-East corner and chant “SLOW CARE”

Children afraid of darkness


Any remedy for small children who have fear of darkness and staying alone issues? Is it an insecurity issue?

Pls guide as my child refuses to sleep separately and is very scared of the dark and being alone.


Give the child flower remedies “ASPEN, MIMULUS”, 2 pills of each, three times a day.

Doing things in time

Vijayalakshmi Seshadri

My daughter is studying 6th. She has thyroid for the past 1 year. She has to travel one and half hrs to school. She gets tired, and often gets health problems.

She is very lazy in doing things also. If the bus comes by 7.30a.m, she goes to toilet only at 7o’clock. She becomes dull in studies also.

Pls help her in your way.


During morning hours, chant “HALFWAY DIVINE” continuously. She will start doing things in time.


The switch words “HALFWAY DIVINE” is not to end laziness. It is for the person who becomes tensed, and thinks that “there is no time”.

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