Children to be OFF-TV

Not knowing the importance of studies, postponing it for the sake of TV/Computer games – SCLERANTHUS

Hooked on to TV, not bothered about anything else; not taking food at the right time, does not talk with others; lethargy; not interested in taking bath – WILD ROSE

They get over interested in TV/games, staying awake for a longer time; does not have “time” for studies; wrapped up out of over enthusiasm – VERVAIN

TV and Mobile games become a habit – WALNUT

The mind gets imprisoned with only one thought “TV/Games” – (gem remedy) CAT’S EYE

Unable to control the temptation – CHERRY PLUM

The above remedies suggested are Bach Flower Remedies. They are available both in Homeopathy shops and at the centre.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. my daughter 6 year old is taking remedy tv off ..suggested by you..but she still watches tv ..too much.though she is good in academics.. she studies well..still first thing in her mind will come tv..after waking up.even she says ..i will study..then can i watch tv mama.she likes to play..then again same thing .after playing..again.. can i watch cartoon mama..
    .she also try to control not to watch cartoon.. she says..look mama i m not watching tv……sir pls suggest remedy to help her.

  2. Sir is this only for children?i ask this because my father is very addicted of Tv…he used to watch whole afternoon and at night upto 1 to 2a.m.he get angry if i say to nt watch tv and go for sleep.he need to sleep wel.plz tel me if i can chant anything for him(if u say i can give chanted water).

  3. madhu,
    it can be given to anybody.
    his anger is also to be addressed

  4. my daughter6 yr old is good in studies.. she knows all thing..but in exams she makes silly mistakes.. like she will write grow as gro….if i ask at home…she knows all ans orally.. but make many silly mistakes in exams.. what can be done..

  5. abc,
    give her impatiens chestnubud regularly

    • ok thank you sir…as per your suggestion i m giving tv off,cheeryplum and scleranthus …so that she will reduce watching tv…and to avoid silly mistakes in exams.. you suggested me impatiens chestnubud.can i mix all 5 remedy in water.. giver that water to her…

  6. abc
    you take cherryplum and impatiens.
    i suggested impatiens chestnubud to the child.

  7. 2 1/2 yr daughter is having cough n phlegm problem regularly. We stay near the ceramic factory in UAE. The AC and the weather condition might be a reason. Because of this her appetite is not good. Please suggest something clear the congestion in her chest. Thank u for the divine help.

  8. my daughter watches tv too much…she studies well, loves to take bath ,playing..but she watches tv so much…I m not able to understand which remedy will be suitable for her.she is 6 year old…earlier I was giving her off-tv remedy..still she watches tv too much..

  9. m,
    continue the same. chant ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW

  10. sir my query is my daughter is 3 nd half. yrs. she shouts too loudly…very much attention seeker …we made her understand, we do more conversations with her . but sometimes we loose our patience and shouts her, she is too sensitive at the same time becomes aggressive, and start shouting and throwing things.. and eats properly while WATCHING TV.

  11. Plz plz 10 years he does not want to go school ..this is happening from 2 years .he plays games he is at home only ..

  12. My son is 5 years old and he is always in his own world , when teacher or we ask any thing he gives answer different ( something is in mind and that he answered). He want iPad for eating and very slow eater and fussy eater. Is there any remedy so that he can focus in everything and pay attention what anybody says . Do things independently? He got angry when we say no to anything?

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