He is very aggressive


My nephew (19 yrs old) is very aggressive. He does not take interest in studies or any work. Beats his younger brother whenever he is angry, cannot control his anger. He is not responsible at all. Other family members are really very disturbed with all this. I live abroad. Can I help them by chanting some mantra from a distance?


Bach Flower Remedy Vine

A Vine child will not obey. He gets angry and become physically violent.

For example, a parent say, “My son’s behavior is becoming aggressive. Whatever he wants we have to get him. Otherwise we cannot tolerate his fury. If we refuse to buy anything he starts pulling the clothes tearing his books and beats his younger brother”.

Give him CHICORY, CHERRY PLUM and VINE – each three doses, daily for one month. The reason for giving remedies: Chicory for demanding, Cherry Plum for uncontrolled behavior and Vine for beating the younger brother

Buy Lum symbol from the centre.

See picture and chant, “Om Lum Namaha”

Placing the picture on the table in front of a distracted child will help the child concentrate.  The square shape in the picture will give one-pointed concentration.

It is useful for grounding.  Will encourage wayward teenagers gain responsibility and return home.

Placing a glass of water on the picture for 30 minutes and then giving it to the child will overcome temper tantrums. It is useful for controlling aggressive behaviour, especially for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and children who are impatient and irritable in nature.

The Mother’s Flower Red Balsam

If anybody is unfair, aggressive, ill-tempered or spiteful, paste this picture on the name of the person (write the name in a piece of paper and paste the picture over it). Or visualize the flower in their heart centre.

Thus, you can project the flowers on others the moment you think about them as they represent divine in this world.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks by your soon answer I’ve been doing some remedies from Naran,but in some cases I lost faithful..and I feel depressed.. but you don’t know the importance that I give to these information and I start doing it again daily namaste God bless you

  2. ganapathi.kavi@yahoo.com

    guruji i want my both sons concentrate on studies very seriously,i chant ambika ,is any thing more, they dont take studies seriously,kindly help me guriji. thanku

  3. Thanks, Naran ji, for the quick reply. I start doing these.

  4. Guruji, My daughter aged 21 years is very revoltive. She loses her temper all the time. Some days she is ok and then again she fights with everyone. She wants to be out of the house with friends all the time. If we correct her there is a big fight. She and her father cannot get along at all. Alll the time she is lying. There is no peace in the house because of this behavior. Need your help desperately.

  5. My brother wants to start a business but family wants him to first do job arrange finances and then go for business..
    Due to lack investment he is unable to start business please suggest

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